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6 red-hot trends that rule  corporate video production now and in the future

In 2016, corporate video took the world by a storm. More videos were created and watched. In fact, the who-is-who in the corporate world made a significant mark. For anyone looking to make a better connection with potential audience, video is the new silver bullet.

However, it should be known that videography is relatively new and will keep changing in the future. It is therefore important to keep up with the changes or risk falling behind the wave of the change. One company doing exceptionally well is

And to ensure that you stay in the loop, these 6 corporate videography trends will be dominant now and the foreseeable future:

Live videos are taking center stage

With almost everyone owning a mobile phone with some sort of a camera, the appetite for live content has gone a notch higher. The world has warmed up for the tide with Periscope and Twitch being the frontrunners. YouTube, twitter and Facebook have joined the party and soon every serious social media platform will shape up or ship out. You cannot afford to ignore the change.

360 video is available and hot

If you are not aware of it, 360 videos are doing the rounds on the internet. It is now possible to view videos from any spherical angle you wish.   The better part of it is that 360 videos are steps ahead of virtual reality. You can give VR a wide berth and still get a better option.

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Mobile video is to grow by a big margin

It is no longer a secret that mobile traffic has had the last laugh as its traditional archrival takes the back seat. Content and traffic experts are optimistic that mobile video popularity will be growing in triple rates for the next five years.

Anyone looking to make videos, you have no option but to make it mobile-friendly. There are those who are already reaping big from their investment in corporate videography and yet it shows no indication of dying down.

YouTube is giving Cable TV a run for its money

In a 2017 study conducted by Google, YouTube is not only an online video content giant but it is also encroaching to the traditional TV fans. The study found out that those who are at least 18 years are watching YouTube more than any single cable TV network.

Is it time you call it a day with TV videos? That will depend with where you want to be. If you target the youthful generation and middle adults, YouTube is a powerhouse you cannot ignore.

Videography is finally claiming its rightful place in both the corporate and marketing arenas. Those who have been able to tap into its power, they are all smiles to the bank. With these trends, you can never go wrong with videos. It is high time you place the best foot forward and that is being where the people are and will be in the future.